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better, worse, better, who knows?

I’m better than I was before but I’m still sick which totally sucks, partly cos being sick sucks and partly because I’m SO OVER IT!!!!!

Cooked dinner for my mum, which she & stepparental really enjoyed but I felt horrid while I was cooking it & couldn’t enjoy eating it. Ho hum.


Watched: a hell of a lot of Dollhouse + some Stargate Atlantis (yes, yes, I know!)

Music: Disclosure

Weather: erm, probably sunny but I’ve been inside feeling crappy for most of it 😦

Mood: grumpy

On my hook/needles: Long Socks – just got past the dec row so feeling pretty good about them!


another day late!

This is Thursday night’s post on Friday morning. Did I mention IT’S FRIIIIIIDAAAAAY!?!
I was on catering duties last night for Stepparental as mum was out. Then 

Watched: 3 (4? it might’ve been 4) episodes of Dollhouse on Amazon prime, cos I’ve got it free this month, I think. Should check that …

Music: Invincible by Muse

Reading: Red Earth & Pouring Rain

On my hook/needles: mum’s necklace – after 2.5 episodes of Dollhouse I had to unpick a whole row as I’d miscounted the number of trebles – damn! It’s slow going as it’s a lot of stitches but I’m not frantic about it. Yet.

Weather: grey, raining when I came out of the hairdresser’s, of course.

Oh yes, I went to the hairdresser. My hair looks exactly the same as it did this time yesterday but now I can run my hands through it without getting them snarled in the wire wool that my split ends had become + the fringe is sitting nicely because it’s cut that way.



forgot to post yesterday, not sure why!

So, yesterday:

Mood: great!

On my hook/needles: started mum’s mother’s day gift, which is a necklace made of blue Anchor freccia (came as part of a kit) So far so good, I wouldn’t wear it but I hope she’ll like it (it’s blue, always a good start w/mum & she likes necklaces so…)
I also ordered a bunch of leather iphone cases for her – they’re so cheap on Amazon I got her three different colours so she can ring the changes (!)

Listened to: TEDTalk by Bran Ferran, what a lovely man!

Music: Fratellis & Wombats at work, Reiki music in the morning.

Because I had a Reiki treatment in the morning, which was awesome!

Weather: grey, great big looming rainclouds in the afternoon.

Watched: The latest episode of Shetland + an old episode of Doctor Who that I hadn’t ever seen.


the eye of the storm?

Today I felt utterly horrible although if you’d asked me to list my symptoms they would’ve been exactly the same as the last 6 days (yup, that’s how long I’ve been voiceless & in pain). I ‘gave up’, came home early (4pm) got in my pjs, played about on the computer for a bit, then lay in bed & did Reiki/slept. When I got up for dinner, I felt MUCH BETTER!
How weird is that? Not that I’m complaining, feeling much better is awesome, I’m still croaky & it still hurts to swallow, but I feel kinda, normal.

Either I had to mentally admit defeat & declare myself poorly in order to make a recovery or this is the eye of the storm & I’m only feeling better because there’s worse to come! My money, optimistically, is on the former.

I must apologise for all the detailed illness updates I’ve been posting these last few days. In my defence:
– I really am feeling pretty poorly!
– I haven’t got much else to post about!


Mood: defeated & poorly, followed by optimistic!

On my hook/needles: Long Socks (hibernated ages ago, reawakened on obtaining decent 4mm sock needles, now going well) I ‘finished’ katahdin a couple of days ago, freeing up the lovely new 4mm dpns, although I kinda ballsed up the fastening off & it’s sulking on my desk while I summon the courage to figure out if it needs doing again or not + it needs blocking …

Music: students requested Guns N Roses Sweet Child O’Mine – what an awesome trip down memory lane!

Reading: nothing, head hurts too much!

Listened to: Start the Week podcast

Watched: Hot Fuzz – we were talking about this film at work & I ended up thinking “I have to see it again” so I ordered it from Amazon – perfect lying-in-bed-feeling-a-bit-ill viewing!

Weather: grey


company again

Still basically voiceless, slightly less pain, but not so’s you’d notice really. (& yes, I am sick of it now!)

Company for dinner tonight so not much other action.

Music: The Eurythmics on youtube at work (dunno why) + Gone by Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight 

Listened to: (can’t really remember!) Week In Politics podcast, What the Papers Say podcast

Watched: nothing, see above.

On my hook/needles: nothing, see above.

Weather: Cold, occasionally sunny, cold.

Mood: bit grumpy but mostly happy to sit back.

Reading: Red Earth & Pouring Rain (56%!)



My voice is still mostly absent and my throat HURTS!!! :(((

I’m getting out of breath as well, got up today, showered, changed the bed, had a rest, cooked dinner (for the parentals, who were at church all morning) (sausage casserole), had a rest, went to the shops for more shampoo, had a rest, did some more laundry, had a rest …

… decided to move furniture around in my room!!


I’ve got this lovely big room at the top of the house with two windows – a dormer & a velux – (and a cute little en-suite) and I’ve had it set up as a bedroom + an area to sit, crochet, read, watch stuff on my laptop, work, blog, etc.
It looked like this:
(photos taken from the bed!)

I loved the way the room was split & I love my sitting area (mum calls it a bedsitter, which is cute cos I don’t think anyone’s talked about bedsitters since the late 1950’s) buuuut, I keep feeling like I never see the outside world. I know it’s winter and all but I also figured it’s cos when I sit at my desk, all I can see is the wall/ceiling.
Or this:


 So today I swapped the desk & the chest of drawers, kind of. The desk is now under the window, so if I look up I can see a lovely patch of sky and the branches of a couple of trees (really looking forward to watching their leaves come out) and birds & so on. The chest of drawers is fine under the ceiling where the desk was, in fact I can’t help thinking it’s better there. 
Not very happy with the ‘sitting area’ now tho, it needs work


Music: Radio 1 Live Lounge TV + Childish Gambino (wow! where has this guy been all my life?)

Listened to: Commentary of the T20 World Cup and More or Less podcast.

Watched: nothing yet, Super League show on iplayer when I finish this post.

On my hook/needles: nothing yet, plan to finish katahdin tonight.

Reading: Red Earth & Pouring Rain by Vikram Chandra, 50% now!

Mood: chilled out, when I don’t feel like someone’s trying to cut my throat with a rusty chainsaw!

Weather: well! Sunny + squally showers (inc. hail)


Day, er, 12? I have no idea!

Mood: bored & a bit grumpy. Also, sore throat & no voice all day. 😦

On my hook: a Moebius cowl, finished!

Listened to: lots & lots of Fool Moon by Jim Butcher.

Reading: Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Music: Hurts

Weather: sunny but cold earlier, now pouring.