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weekend ‘achievements’

it’s always the way, isn’t it? a person spends all summer working ridiculous hours and not having a spare minute to herself and then when she gets a bit of free time she doesn’t know what to do with it!

I’ve just had my first actual weekend in I don’t know how long, Laundry all caught up BEFORE Friday, no dashing about visiting relatives, etc.etc. Well, mum dragged me out ‘shopping’ on Saturday (was sooo not in the mood for that!) but at least it got me out of the building for a bit. And of course I was on catering fatigues this morning but that wasn’t exactly challenging, thanks to Messrs Marks & Spencer.

So, why do I feel like I’ve achieved nothing this weekend?

cos I haven’t, achieved nothing I mean. I’ve made a reasonable dent in a new baby blanket that was starting to really weigh on my mind (Rainbow Granny Square Blanket – no pics yet, CBA), I’ve also spent a bit of time mooching around ravelry, pinterest, etc. and have decided to start crocheting facecloths AND started crocheting a facecloth! Seriously, how’s THAT for productivity??

And, most importantly, I had a conversation with Best Friend in South Africa, which I’d let get so far behind the guilt was putting me off getting in touch but we spoke & she’s cool and that feels great.

So it wasn’t an unproductive weekend at all.




Experimental Granny Carnage


I crochet so I don’t kill people

There’s a mahusive post brewing about my crochetversary but for now this is about my current WIP.
I’m ‘managing’ (I am SO not managing) a summer school for juniors (teenagers to the uninitiated) & it’s a hell of a job. By which I mean it’s pretty hellish. The stress levels range from Very to Insanely & I’ve done 60-70 hours/week since mid-June, with just one day off a week. Plus I’ve dealt with 1 lost passport, 1 case of suspected appendicitis which involved a spell at Warwick A&E, 3 broken hearts so far, 1 confiscated skateboard, 1 bazillion confiscated phones, 2 missing students, 1 incident of fisticuffs – in MY class, of course, oh yes, I’m teaching 3-4.5hours/day as well. To be fair, there have been some highs, seeing nearly 50 teenagers from all over having a great time is very very rewarding 🙂
My point is I haven’t got a lot of free time / energy right now. When I’m not at work I’m doing laundry or asleep or buying food & more clothes because I haven’t got time to wash the ones I’ve already got. But I have to sit on a bus twice a day. So I’m listening to audio books, I haven’t switched my Kindle on in weeks, and crocheting on the bus. I need to crochet, so I won’t kill people

I’m working on my rainbow doily garland.  It’s perfect because I just need to carry 1 little ball of thread (Anchor freccia) and an ickle crochet hook (1.5mm) and the doilies are pretty and the rainbow colours are cheerful. I must admit I’m enjoying Crocheting in Public – I don’t feel stupid and I don’t care if people are looking and of course I’ve had some lovely random chats with people about what I’m doing. Interestingly, a week ago my hand was very sore so I put the crochet down for a couple of days to give it a chance to recover, which meant back to the Long Sock for a bit and I took it on the bus with me & boy, I felt stupid! Isn’t that funny? I think I feel more cack-handed when I’m knitting, especially on dpns and the sock is a goofy length, I’ve almost finished the leg. Happily, my hand is back on my side (heh!) and I’m back to my lovely doilies. Well, I think they’re lovely.

It is giving me so much pleasure to have just a little time every day with my crochet in my hands 🙂



My Crochet-versary!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages – then I checked & found that My First Crochet was 24th July 2013. So I missed my first crochet-versary but here’s the commemorative post anyway …

I started crocheting 1 year ago!

This post shows my first successful few rows.


Coming soon … A summary of FO’s, WIP’s, successes & ‘learning experiences’ over the last year.

Also, this is my first post on my newly-moved wordpress blog, which is exciting.