Monthly Archives: September 2014

Day 3

Weather: beautiful!

Mood: busy

Music: some Reiki music +, right now, Terapia by Baiana System

On my hook/needles: the New Long Sock at knitting club*, Noro Feather & Fan on the bus & Rainbow Granny Blanket at home, in front of…

Watching:… episode 3 of Jane Eyre & some random NCIS, cos I loves my flashy American crime series I does.

* I went to knitting club @ the Jam Factory. I love those knitty ladies so much!



A Blog Post a Day for 30 Days – so here’s what happened

In a stroke of totally tillie genius I set the reminder on my phone to start on 27th October. So it didn’t remind me to do a blog post. So I didn’t do a blog post. You can see how that works, right?

Anyhoo. The phone & I have had a few words, I’ve apologised & we’re off again. Although I’ve got no work this week – zero hours contracts SUCK – so there might not be much to post about. On the other hand, the parentals are away until Weds & I’ve got loads & loads of hooking/stitching time to play with so there might be a bit of movement there I guess.


Weather: warmish, sunnyish. I went out to track down a prescription (be vewy vewy kwaiet, I’m huntin pwescwiptions!) and didn’t have to wear a jacket or nuthin, which was nice.

+ I bought more wine, always a good idea, particularly when one has the house to oneself.

Music: A new Alt-J playlist on spotify, bless ’em.

On my hook/needles: more & more on the New Long Sock with the new circular sock needle (actually a teensy bit bored with the rib pattern, but sshh!) + have got back to the Rainbow Granny Blanket now that more wool has been delivered. On to the purple now so hopefully not too long to go. The baby it’s for is due in less than two weeks. It won’t be ready for then. Fact. (note to self, must get postal address from Andrea in next couple of days as I’m guessing she won’t feel like sending it after the baby’s born!)

Watching: 1st 2 episodes of Jane Eyre, the one with Ruth Wilson & Toby Stephens. Not as good as I remembered it. Also, doesn’t watching the thing just make you want to read the book? & reading the book just makes you want to watch the thing?

Reading: Empire State still. Bit stuck with it as it’s long & I think I’ve hit the slow boring bit in the middle. Also, while the parentals are away I’m taking advantage of the fact I can sprawl on the sofa & crochet without having to watch endure Strictly Come Downton or whatever.

Mood: ok I guess.


A blog post a day for 30 days – here we go again …

I haven’t blogged much recently & I’ve been mildly all over the place with stuff so here we go.

Nothing like a commitment to blog every day for 30 days to get a girl back on track.

I flippin hope!


Weather: sunnyish, warmish, windy. Cold now, I’ve just put the heating on (all alone in a big ole house while the parentals are in Sweden) (yes, SWEDEN!!!)

Music: various earworms today inc. Abba ‘Fernando’, some song by Avicii (not even sure I’m spelling that the way The Young People would) etc.

On my hook/needles: Noro feather & fan – had to unpick at least 3 rows on the bus this evening. And yes, the yarn broke while I was unpicking it – sigh.

Watching: random NCIS – I feel like trashy, glossy, American crime-y stuff & this is all free TV has got to offer. I miss Sky. (My bank account doesn’t)

Reading: Empire State by Adam Christopher – intriguing but long

Mood: grumpy! morning was stressful for no good reason, which would make a saint grumpy & I’m no saint! Currently working my way through a charming Sauvignon Blanc & planning a scrummy veggie dinner so getting better by the minute …

See you tomorrow 🙂


know what this means?

Wippetty wip wip!

Wanna see some WIPs?

Here y’go ..

Rainbow Granny Square Blanket  

Simple Facecloth

A whole stack of doilies for the Rainbow Doily Garland:

Pip pip!