Day 5


Today I started going through my Heap o’ Stash, which has been forming a sort of drift of yarn & UFOs in the corner of my room. I decided a few weeks ago to get in there & give away all the acrylic yarn I’ve accumulated as freebies with magazines & stuff. This is a major undertaking and I know there’ll come a point when there’s yarny cr*p everywhere, I call this the critical mass point, because after that it should be plain sailing all the way to a tastefully and usefully arranged stash of lovely yarn that I’m actually going to use.  All that acrylic stuff was starting to really weigh on my soul, I’m never going to use it cos I don’t want to work with acrylic yarn. Yes, I am a Yarn Snob. In my very feeble defence; I try very hard not to wear synthetic fabrics because I’m prone to hot flushes &, well, I get a bit sweaty betty. And yes, I know there are a gazillion useful things I could do with that acrylic yarn that I wouldn’t have to even think about wearing, like making blankets for charity & stuff. But, and this was The Moment of Clarity I had a couple of weeks ago, I don’t wanna work with it, I wanna get on with the projects I’ve bought lovely, woolly wool for. Fact.
Also, it’s a random selection of colours &, more significantly, weights, and I can’t face the mental gymnastics required to figure out how to use it. Fact #2

Having and accepting this Moment of Clarity was very refreshing I can tell you!

I set about finding out what one can do with unwanted random yarn. The internet’s a wonderful thing & gave me some good ideas, then I asked the ladies at knitting club & they gave me some more specific ideas. Basically I’m either going to take it to a charity shop or to a nursing home up the road which I’m reliably informed uses scrap yarn for collage-making & stuff. I might do both. There’s so much it could be a bit overwhelming for the nursing home but on the other hand some of the yarn is very strokeable and might be enjoyable to work with.

Today I started. I started with the easy stuff.

Thoughts so far:

– is it normal to have one’s stash next to one’s bed?

– wow, it is HARD to say goodbye to yarn, even free, nasty acrylic yarn in weird colourways. And to sampler squares that are neither use nor bleeding ornament.

– what about the free plastic straight knitting needles I’ve hoarded accumulated and am almost definitely never going to use? They have to go too I guess. Turns out it’s hard to say goodbye to them as well.

In the interests of total disclosure I should now confess that none of the yarn has actually left my room, let alone the building. It is simply in a box which I know in my head is destined for disposal.


Mood: busy, chirpy

Weather: lovely! What is going on with October?

Music: Wretch32 & Ghostpoet, both of whom I remembered I liked & went looking for on Spotify

Reading: My Kindle tells me I’ve only got 1hr + some minutes left in Empire State, which is the only reason I haven’t admitted defeat & started something else. Haven’t done many of those minutes today though. Sigh.

Watched: the last episode of Jane Eyre

On my hook/needles: a bit of the long sock & a bit of the Rainbow Granny Blanket.


One response to “Day 5

  1. Update: a big ole box of acrylic yarn and plastic knitting needles has gone to Cedar Court nursing home in Witney so they can use it for their crafts. I hope having it brings them as much satisfaction as not having it is bringing me! -x-

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