scheepjeswol CAL

I signed up for the scheepjeswol CAL led by Marinke (wink) of a creative being.

Really I was attracted by the lovely colours & low price of the yarn pack + the idea of learning some new techniques AND of being held to a timeline.

The yarn colours are nice – I’ve been freaked out by the instructions to use my creativity with the colour combinations (!) but I’ve had a go. I’ve now completely run out of some colours that it turns out I still need for the last couple of squares so I’m winging it big time now – get me & my free-stylin’! The yarn is nice too, it’s cotton and when it’s worked up the fabric is soft & floppy!

I’m behind with the weeks. 4 weeks behind. I started about 1 week late, then the new-job-commuting-moving-house period of my life kicked in, then there was an incident with Week 4 which set me back a ways. Now I’ve got 5 squares of Week 9 to do, 6 squares of Week 10, joining (Week 11) & the border and bosch.


Even after finishing the last 11 squares, I’ve gotta block all of them. Might take a while, eh?

I have no way of blocking projects, no board to pin them to, etc. etc. I’ve dealt with this so far by either ironing or just not bothering. But I’m determined to do this properly. I read fairly often about how important/useful blocking is – the wonderful Yarn Harlot has some inspiring posts about it – so I really wanna get the blocking habit. So I’m going to actually buy an actual blocking board (is that what they’re called?) and do this thing. Which is going to have to wait til I get paid next month.

Here are some pictures of my work so far. They are NOT good pictures, just quick snaps to record bits & bobs as I went along.

this is what the yarn pack looked like when I opened it – yum!

damn you, Week 4, you will not beat me!!!!

Week 5

All the colours I’ve got left!

That flower weighs 4g, ladies & gentlemen!


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