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Day 2 (Brexit Day)

This morning I cried. A lot. And I was angry. I felt betrayed and disgusted. I got a new passport last month & this morning I got it out & held it in my hand & felt sick. I wanted to take it straight to Buckingham Palace & give it back, explaining as I did that I wasn’t rejecting the monarchy, just the ignorant racist cockwombles I was associated with by nationality.

Now, 12.5 hours later, I’m ready to admit that was the anger & upset of a thwarted toddler. I didn’t get my way, no fair! Thanks to the Internet, mostly, and some conversations with colleagues, I recognise now that of course not all people who voted Leave are the aforementioned ignorant racist cockwombles. If the tables were turned, if Remain had won, would I have any compassion for the Leavers? Would I care that they felt betrayed? And yes, Chris, it should never have been a public referendum in the first place. And no, a yes/no vote is not really democracy anyway. But that doesn’t mean there should be criticism of those whose choice or opinion I disagree with.

I’m not angry.

It’s not often that Jeremy Clarkson accurately expresses how I’m feeling but


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The only thing I still feel justifiably grumpy about is that the next however many years are all gonna be about Brexit – not education or healthcare or growth. Years of administrative wrangling, just what the country needs!


Weather: until just now, sunny & warm, now windy & foreboding
Reading: Brexit Brexit Brexit
On my hook/needles: nothing yet, I just got home! Probably Purple Poncho the Second later though I really should have another go at the Super Secret Project, which has stalled somewhat


a silver lining from my walk home



Day 1

The Studio Hunt continues, I’ve reached a negotiation stage with an agent which will mean either:
(worst case scenario) I have to move out of this place, stay somewhere for a few days, then clean the s**t out of the place because the previous tenant(s?) left it nasty.
(best case scenario) I clean the place a little, move my stuff then go back to the old place to give it a good clean.
Probably something in between.

Weather: biblical quantities rain to herald the EU referendum.
Reading: The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett & Steven Baxter
On my hook/needles: Purple Poncho the Second.