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random photos of stuff & tings

in Liberty’s!

OK, OK, I was desperate for a photo-subject!


Long story, this one, this is one of two bunnies that my Grandma Stella had on the shelf in her bedroom since before I was born (the other one’s dark green). Apparently they once had bath salts in them! When she passed away in 2012, mum held onto the bunnies so now they’re in The Vicarage. They are too cute and they will always remind me of Grandma Stella.

this was meant to be the garden in the autumn sunshine and the vibrant colours of the creeper in the foreground – not sure if it’s worked, think of it as modern art, or ironic

desperate for photos

if all else fails – take a picture of one of your favourite rings!


this was actually meant to be a photo of a flock (?) of pheasants

the market in Gloucester Green


moss and lichen – a current obsession!


The Bodleian Library & Oxford being pretty


a photo a day for 30 days – again!

I’ve been feeling rather generally uninspired recently. This is partly because I’ve got myself into yet another situation with too many WIP’s and not enough FO’s and partly because, well, I don’t know actually!
Anyhoo, I’ve decided to put myself through A Photo A Day for 30 Days – again, this is the 3rd time – in the hope that it will make me feel a bit more connected and inspired.

The photos so far:

Day 1: Chocolate-making at my cousin’s wife’s baby shower

table decorations

I made chocolates!!!!!!

Waiting to be bagged …
Those, ahem, logs are going to be chocolates, honest!
Day 2 (today): Autumn colours

Day 0 (I just couldn’t wait!):

Toodle pip!