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Best laid plans / hey, where’d Monday go? / a couple of FOs

I had such glorious plans for this bank holiday weekend. I made A List. Here it is:

[ ] Finish makeup pads [ ] Basin [ ] Bathroom floor [ ] Laundry: towels [ ] Loads of Reiki [ ] Nails [ ] Shower (clean!) [ ] Sort out bathroom cabinet [ ] Toilet [V] Finish cardigan [V] Look at size 16 jeans for fat betches & equivalent in men’s [V] Buy 2 more baseball caps [V] Order more Argan Oil [V] Laundry: cottons [V] Laundry: delicates [V] Cleanse Amazon wishlist [V] Change bed [V] Finish 1st long sock [V] Hoover [V] Tidy room

The ‘v’s are ticked items. Except for ‘finish cardigan’, which I think I thumb-ticked by accident. Or maybe I was trying to make myself feel better because last night I ‘finished’ the first sleeve of said cardigan and It Don’t Look Right, not at all. It’s only elbow-length, not 3/4, and it’s just, well, kinda short & goofy & not right at all and I’m very depressed about the whole thing. As with all projects that start to go wrong in mysterious ways, the whole thing’s now sulking in a bag down by the side of my desk until I’ve mulled (obsessed?) over it long enough to think of a plan to fix it. At the moment I can only think of finish it & donate it to a charity shop, in a town I’ll never visit again, but I think I’ll be able to feel more +ve about it & come up with a better solution once I’ve had a bit of time away from it. 

It’s Monday evening and I feel like I haven’t achieved anything. I had these lovely plans that I would feel like I’d cleared through some of the backlog of half-finished WIPS and all I’ve got to show for it is a sock and a bunch of WIPs. Of course, this is because I was over-ambitious with the original plan, as always, but I still feel a bit down right now.

So. ‘Finish cardigan‘ NOT achieved. And I was so determined not to start another new project, even though it’d make me feel better, that I went back to the reusable makeup pads. These will never be ‘finished’ as a girl can never have too many reusable makeup pads and the more I have the longer I can hold out between laundry days but I decided to stop at 24 (6 each of 4 colours) and call that done for now. No. 24 will be finished tonight then it’s just 24×2 ends to weave in, pop them thru the washing machine (gives me the heebies that, what if they shrink / fall apart / turn into chocolate Easter bunnies & melt?) & I can declare another FO.

I have a couple of FOs to show off though.

1st: from a couple of weekends ago & this is a lousy photo but I need to record that I’ve achieved SOMETHING, the nested baskets:

I’m actually dead chuffed with these as I’ve loved making them & seeing how the structure of the stitches fits together to make something 3D. I have Absolutely No Idea what I’m going to do with them or who’s problem I’m going to make them by giving them away. But apart from that I’m pleased with this FO.

2nd: the 1st Long Sock! YAYYYYYY! I’m so pleased with this, very very pleased. It’s held together brilliantly, the wool makes me happy, especially the colours. Knitted up the fabric feels a bit scratchy but I’m sure a couple of washes will put paid to that. And it fits and it looks like a real sock & I’m generally chuffed! 

The challenge now is to make the 2nd Long Sock the same size as the first one. Mm-hm, that’s a challenge. I’ve made what I hope are precise and detailed notes of the round-counts etc so I’m feeling confident but still slightly trepidatious.
+ I’m not allowing myself to start The 2nd Long Sock until I’ve cleared the current project list a bit more. Sigh.

OK, I feel slightly better about my lack of productivity and anyway it’s nearly time for ebd or I’ll be all grumpy and tired tomorrow! 


two blanket ta-dahs -x-

Finished these two in the week but waited til the weekend to get pictures of them in daylight:

The Beachy Waves Blanket:

I’m sooo happy with the colours and the stitch pattern and the end product is really really soft and snuggly! The pattern says to do 13 stripes or 10. I stopped after 10 as it was already a slightly odd, long strip of a blanket and I thought another 3 stripes would make it a really odd shape. Plus I get to use the remaining wool for something else, which will be nice as it’s lovely colours and easy to work with (call that an ulterior motive!).


This blanket was a lesson in Trusting the Stitch (the first 20-30 rows looked a bit bunchy but 50+ rows work together and look great, I think! – The sum is greater than the parts, eh?). I also had to be brave and ignore part of the pattern – it just didn’t make sense to me! The pattern says to start the edging in the top left corner and sc all the way round, then make a row of shells all the way round, except of course across the top, as it’s already shells. So why sc across the top?!?!? I fretted about this (and left the blanket almost-finished behind the sofa for a couple of weeks). In the end a took a very deep breath and sc’d the three not-shell edges, fastened off and started again with a row of shells on those 3 edges. I think it looks fine and it seems to look like the pattern so maybe I was right. Helpfully, the only picture in the pattern book is of the blanket folded up, so you can’t see the top edge. Anyhoo, one lovely cushiony soft baby blanket for a baby who’s due in a couple of weeks – fingers crossed for Kiss and Crate and their baby, I know it’s been really tough for them to get this far -x-

So, two blankets finished. Yes, that’s right. I finished something!!! The Queen of Starting Stuff has finished two projects. It felt goood. 

And what did I do? Started about 6 more projects of course 😉


Emergency Peter Pan Collar!

On Monday I had an interview in London, which I got feedback from yesterday that they’re not going to progress me to shortlist. tbh, I’m pretty sure I didn’t want the job & I’m not surprised I didn’t get it. I felt after the interview that I wasn’t the droid they were looking for. I still felt utterly horrid at the rejection tho 😦
One of the things I hadn’t felt good about was what I was wearing – I just felt scruffy! So I decided to cheer myself up and prepare for today’s interview by sorting out a new outfit. Long story, to cut to the end, I got it into my head that the best thing to do was buy a nice crew neck jumper and crochet a pretty collar for it. Cue frantic mental gymnastics trying to work out what I’d need and what I’d already got stashed! In no particular order, I bought some pretty buttons, remembered the cream merino wool in my stash, bought a backup collar from Claire’s Accessories and headed home. A trawl of darling, wonderful and 2 downloaded patterns later and off I hooked. I reckon the collar took me about 2hrs, including false starts, misreading the pattern and unpicking! I was in such a panic I wasn’t concentrating – more haste, less speed tilliemint! Anyhoo, I ended up with a collar.


I’m blogging about this for 2 reasons:
– this is the first time I’ve solved a wardrobe crisis by whipping up a handmade solution and it feels gooooood!
– I’ve seen so many patterns for crochet collars and thought:
a) who needs a detachable collar??? b) eek! buttons! I couldn’t possibly manage to attach a button to something, let alone fashion a button loop.
And yet, I have successfully produced a Peter Pan collar, with button, that I think looks not bad at all (shame about the face above it but what can a girl do – crochet a balaclava?!?) and that I think I’ll wear again. I am rather pleased with myself.

Now I just need a new job – wish me luck!



Didn’t ‘fast’ today and just felt horrible & bloated instead 😦

Finished crochet baktus scarf Sunday but can’t wear it as it needs a wash first. Started garter stitch cable baby blanket last night and, after googling ‘provisional cast-on’ for ages had to frog what I’d done cos I hadn’t followed the pattern accurately enough – AND I don’t know how I cast on 88 stitches and ended up with 89, not like me to miscount stitches. So a whole evening of knitting and absolutely nada to show for it. 


have now spent a couple of hours on ravelry sorting out my library and stash – feeling a teensy bit better now …


crochet update

(this post is from aaaages ago but it was sitting in my drafts folder. don’t think I can blame the stoopid fone this time either!)

My First Crochet is finished: 

(it’s a washcloth, in case you’re wondering!)
I made it from some bamboo DK I’ve had forever – I think it was the first wool I ever bought & I use it as practice wool for all new stitches, etc. It’s a lovely texture & I actually like the neutral browny colour + it has a pretty sheen which you can’t see in the picture; but I’ve never seen it ‘make up’ so nicely as this DC stitch. Which is why I’ve decided to keep it, rather than unpicking it. I wonder how it will hold up to being used as a washcloth & thrown in the washing machine … ?

My Difficult 2nd Project was the 1st crocheted square of the horrible Knit&Stitch patchwork (there will be a post about that soon!). I proudly showed it to Mum who said, “oh, you’ve made another dishcloth!” (see above). Thanks Mum!
Still, I’ve mastered what Knit&Stitch call a half-treble stitch.

And now I’m working on this:

It’s the 2nd patchwork square and it’s in ‘treble’. Although the wool looks ghastly up close it’s actually nice to crochet with as it’s very smooth and the ‘fabric’ feels nice.
I’m dead excited about this because when I’ve finished it I’m going to allow myself to try a granny square. And then … blankets!!!!!


My First Doily

I finished it! There was a lot of muttering, counting loops & a modicum of swearing yesterday, I had to unpick & re-do rounds 7 & 8 about 5 times, but I finished it! Mum is now the proud owner of a doily made by her FirstBorn, lucky her. 
Here it is in situ on her dressing table: