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Week 4

Waist (before breakfast) = 34.5ish.

I was scared to measure myself this week as yesterday my trousers felt really loose and I was worried that my waist wouldn’t reflect it!
I s’pose 34.5ish is pretty good.

It’s been tough so far this week 😦



Week 3

Waist, before breakfast and after a weekend of bingeing cos I’ve got a cold! = 36″ when resting, 35″ when standing up straight.

Not bad.



Didn’t ‘fast’ today and just felt horrible & bloated instead 😦

Finished crochet baktus scarf Sunday but can’t wear it as it needs a wash first. Started garter stitch cable baby blanket last night and, after googling ‘provisional cast-on’ for ages had to frog what I’d done cos I hadn’t followed the pattern accurately enough – AND I don’t know how I cast on 88 stitches and ended up with 89, not like me to miscount stitches. So a whole evening of knitting and absolutely nada to show for it. 


have now spent a couple of hours on ravelry sorting out my library and stash – feeling a teensy bit better now …


Week 2

Waist (before breakfast) = 36.5ish”.

Ho hum.


The Fast Diet – my lite version

I used to be skinny, with almost no effort at all apart from skipping the occasional dinner in favour of alcohol. And, for the record, I didn’t think I was too much of an arrogant b*tch about it either, neither was I Kate Moss/Middleton in the looks department, just a skinny girl. That was 6ish years ago. Since then, for various dull reasons – like an older, slower metabolism, a more sedentary job, medication, etc. – I have put on weight. I don’t know how much weight as I haven’t weighed myself in all that time but I do know that I’ve gone from 8/10 to 16 (18 on a very bad day). And worse, as I’ve put on all this weight in an unhealthy way, it’s all round my stomach and waist, plus baggy upper arms and thunder thighs. These days, I walk past a mannequin in a shop & think “*sigh* I used to be that skinny”. So maybe I didn’t appreciate it as much as I thought I did at the time because boy what I’d give to have those days back! AND I look exactly like my mother – aaaarrggggghhhh!
And yes, I could eat less and exercise more, of course I could.


A few months ago I read about the Fast Diet, aka the 5:2 diet, and it seemed like a really good idea and waaay more manageable than some sort of weight-watchers type thing. I even bought the book. And then I spent ages telling myself I would start the diet soon and if only xyz, then I could start losing weight, etc. Now I’m staying chez maman and she’s cooking for me & of course I couldn’t possibly ask her to cook me funny meals or tell her I’m dieting because of the interrogations I’ll get from her, blah blah blah.
At the weekend I realised that these are all excuses and if I don’t get on and start losing weight now I’ll be waiting til the end of time.

I read the book.

I decided not to share my plans with Mum, which means I’ll have to eat full dinners every night but I’m going to fast during the day (i.e. skip lunch!) 3 days/week instead. Monday was the 1st day – this, ladies and gentlemen, is me Getting On With It!


Fast Diet – my lite version, day 1

Waist (before breakfast) = 36.5″

Wish me luck 🙂