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The thing I was being mildly coy about in the last post was/is A NEW JOB!!!!! A real one with a salary and stuff, I’m so happy :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

It starts on Monday 27th October – eek! So I have commenced the soul-destroying task of trawling through adverts & trying to make people like me trying to find a room on Fingers crossed …


On my hook/needles: the Rainbow Granny Blanket is done, although it needs an ickle bath before I send it to the baby who was born – congratulations to the Delaneys on the arrival of James Eric!!!! So awesome I’ve got goosebumps! In other yarns, I’ve started a CAL which is in week 3 but I’m only halfway through week 2 so everything else is hibernating while I try to catch up.

On that note, there’s a Facebook page or group or something for the CAL – I’m afraid I have the Facebook blindness that strikes some over-30’s, I just cannot get it no matter how hard I try & it’s not technophobia or ludditery because I’m absolutely fine with pinterest, twitter, bloglovin, wordpress, etc. But Facebook just confuses me, WTF is a wall? is it the same as a timeline? a group?!?
So maybe I shouldn’t’ve joined a group when i don’t even know what that is but this whole CAL is a voyage of discovery for me so I thought what the heck? Then the other day I was scrolling through Facebook, something I nearly always regret, and I saw this post from the group/CAL organiser saying that she’s leaving the group because of the hate mail she’s been receiving! I was so shocked. I cannot even remotely understand why someone would join a CAL group on Facebook and then send messages of hate to the organiser. How foul.

Reading: The Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth & it’s as interesting as I’d hoped + more amusing than I expected. Just read a chapter about how much wool has influenced the English language! There’s a whole post about that coming …

Listening: because I need some fiction in my life, and because I need to crack on with that CAL, I’m listening to My Dear, I Wanted to Tell You by Lousia Young. Wow. Tough stuff but fascinating (in a rather gory way – I now know more about facial reconstruction than I would really like to). It’s a very moving love story, with a few other characters who get focused on during the novel, set before and during WW1. I thought the story/plot was getting a bit obvious a few times, and it does seem to skip over the real horrors of the trenches, for example. But then, the love story and the way it deals with people’s reactions to the horror without really talking about the horror itself  + the way some characters get a lot of attention for a while, then none for ages, so you’re thinking, “when am I going to hear about her again?” is fascinating. The audio is also really well-read, imho, by Dan Stevens, yes, him off of Strictly Come Downton or whatever, and he’s great! I’ve been wanting to read more about WW1 with all the commemoration and so on that’s been going on here, I’m shamefully poor at history and really didn’t know anything about it except the dates, how it started and that it was awful. So, this is a fictional account but I hope I’m getting some sense of what it was like to live through, although of course a vast number of young men didn’t live through it.

Mood: not enjoying the ‘waiting for strangers to like me’ feeling of trying to find a room. But needs must. Very excited about the actual job I’m going to do. And, if I’m honest, about not living with the Parentals for much longer, I’ve been StepParental-sitting this weekend & I’m kinda over spending my time with over-70’s men!

Weather: s’getting blowy out there, apparently we’re due for Heap Big Winds on Tuesday.

Music: Spotify all the way!



know what this means?

Wippetty wip wip!

Wanna see some WIPs?

Here y’go ..

Rainbow Granny Square Blanket  

Simple Facecloth

A whole stack of doilies for the Rainbow Doily Garland:

Pip pip!


weekend ‘achievements’

it’s always the way, isn’t it? a person spends all summer working ridiculous hours and not having a spare minute to herself and then when she gets a bit of free time she doesn’t know what to do with it!

I’ve just had my first actual weekend in I don’t know how long, Laundry all caught up BEFORE Friday, no dashing about visiting relatives, etc.etc. Well, mum dragged me out ‘shopping’ on Saturday (was sooo not in the mood for that!) but at least it got me out of the building for a bit. And of course I was on catering fatigues this morning but that wasn’t exactly challenging, thanks to Messrs Marks & Spencer.

So, why do I feel like I’ve achieved nothing this weekend?

cos I haven’t, achieved nothing I mean. I’ve made a reasonable dent in a new baby blanket that was starting to really weigh on my mind (Rainbow Granny Square Blanket – no pics yet, CBA), I’ve also spent a bit of time mooching around ravelry, pinterest, etc. and have decided to start crocheting facecloths AND started crocheting a facecloth! Seriously, how’s THAT for productivity??

And, most importantly, I had a conversation with Best Friend in South Africa, which I’d let get so far behind the guilt was putting me off getting in touch but we spoke & she’s cool and that feels great.

So it wasn’t an unproductive weekend at all.




Experimental Granny Carnage


My Crochet-versary!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages – then I checked & found that My First Crochet was 24th July 2013. So I missed my first crochet-versary but here’s the commemorative post anyway …

I started crocheting 1 year ago!

This post shows my first successful few rows.


Coming soon … A summary of FO’s, WIP’s, successes & ‘learning experiences’ over the last year.

Also, this is my first post on my newly-moved wordpress blog, which is exciting.




I’m in love! I’ve started the CAL blanket I’ve had in my ravelry queue for ever & I’m in love with the Drops Karisma yarn I’m using, it’s all soft & squishy & silky & mmmmmmm! +, unusually for me, I’m very taken with the slightly orangey bright red colour that was first out of the bag. Honestly, I’m not normally a big fan of reds but this is making my little ❤ leap!!
And I’m sooooo grateful to the Utter GENIUS who invented the foundation hdc as not having to chain, & count, 194 has made starting this project even more wonderful. To be fair, it took me a couple of goes to master it, not helped by the fact I was trying to do an online child safeguarding course at the same time, but it’s infinitely better than the wobbly old chain I would’ve produced and the miserable time I would’ve had trying to hdc into said chain.
Gush gush gush!