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Day 2 (Brexit Day)

This morning I cried. A lot. And I was angry. I felt betrayed and disgusted. I got a new passport last month & this morning I got it out & held it in my hand & felt sick. I wanted to take it straight to Buckingham Palace & give it back, explaining as I did that I wasn’t rejecting the monarchy, just the ignorant racist cockwombles I was associated with by nationality.

Now, 12.5 hours later, I’m ready to admit that was the anger & upset of a thwarted toddler. I didn’t get my way, no fair! Thanks to the Internet, mostly, and some conversations with colleagues, I recognise now that of course not all people who voted Leave are the aforementioned ignorant racist cockwombles. If the tables were turned, if Remain had won, would I have any compassion for the Leavers? Would I care that they felt betrayed? And yes, Chris, it should never have been a public referendum in the first place. And no, a yes/no vote is not really democracy anyway. But that doesn’t mean there should be criticism of those whose choice or opinion I disagree with.

I’m not angry.

It’s not often that Jeremy Clarkson accurately expresses how I’m feeling but


downloaded from imgur, clearly originally from twitter

The only thing I still feel justifiably grumpy about is that the next however many years are all gonna be about Brexit – not education or healthcare or growth. Years of administrative wrangling, just what the country needs!


Weather: until just now, sunny & warm, now windy & foreboding
Reading: Brexit Brexit Brexit
On my hook/needles: nothing yet, I just got home! Probably Purple Poncho the Second later though I really should have another go at the Super Secret Project, which has stalled somewhat


a silver lining from my walk home



Day 1

The Studio Hunt continues, I’ve reached a negotiation stage with an agent which will mean either:
(worst case scenario) I have to move out of this place, stay somewhere for a few days, then clean the s**t out of the place because the previous tenant(s?) left it nasty.
(best case scenario) I clean the place a little, move my stuff then go back to the old place to give it a good clean.
Probably something in between.

Weather: biblical quantities rain to herald the EU referendum.
Reading: The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett & Steven Baxter
On my hook/needles: Purple Poncho the Second.


Definitely not Friday enough

Weather: sunny
Mood: tres grumpy
Music: Moon River by Bxnjamin & someone
Reading: the Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

The Progress of the Sock:



Day 1

Mood: resigned
Weather: warm & sunny
Music: Ella Henderson, Ghost 👻
Reading 📖 : finished Tigerman by Nick Harkaway (BRILLIANT!), started The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

The Progress of the Sock


Technically, day 3 of the Sock.


What happens if you decrease the toe of a sock while watching international rugby at ridiculous o’clock on a Saturday morning…


… is you do all the toe decreases before noticing you dropped a stitch, oh, 20 rounds ago. Of course.

Apparently my stepmother can pop frogged stitches back on a needle, no problemo. I have yet to see this but I have no reason to doubt it. I, on the other hand, basically can’t do it. Once I’ve frogged, I’m going all the way back to the start baby. Except hell no, I was at damn TOE, no way was I starting that Sock all over. Nuh-uh.
So, with a multitude of needles, cable & dpn, and a crochet hook gripped between my teeth, I put those stitches back. Oh yes, I did.
It took me half an hour & I still don’t know why I had an odd number of stitches in the end and I’ve pretty much guessed where I am in the decrease repeat but that toe is happening. Right now. While I watch highlights of the England v New Zealand game…


Days 11 & 12

Job interview tomorrow – eek & gulp!

Mood: dead worried about tomorrow & therefore can’t settle on anything.

Music: this playlist on Spotify

Watched: not much , GBBO final last night – GUTTED that Richard didn’t win, so not fair! 1 NCIS this afternoon while my nails dried & right now, episode 2 of Our Girl

Weather: all stormy & Autumnal – I’m enjoying the drama!

On my hook/needles: not much, see above re. mood & not being able to settle, bit more on the Long Sock, ooh & I finally finally fastened off the toe of the Second Long Sock (DK) – get me with the finishing stuff, eh?

Listened: Guardian Politics Weekly podcast & loads of BBC Radio 4!

Reading: still devouring Shadow Unit – onto 8 now. Think I might be slowing down though, time to move on to one of the intellectually stimulating books sitting in my ‘to read’ collection on my Kindle.


Climbing, with knives

Prologue: this morning I looked up out of my window at the tree that takes up most of the view & wondered “when will those leaves turn for Autumn & what colour(s) will they be?” Given that the tree in question went from Winter to Summer overnight I bet it does the same & holds on to Summer until everything else has admitted defeat in a graceful, golden, Autumnal way and then drops every single one of its leaves overnight.


The Tree Surgeons arrived.

I’ve been watching them for a while now. I started out thinking “it’s just tree-climbing with knives isn’t it?!?” But.

1) They’ve been up there A While now. Balancing in the forks of branches. I mean, OK, they’ve got ropes but still it’s windy as hell today & it must be cold up there & they haven’t wavered or wobbled at all. Skills.
2) There is now a mini chainsaw involved.
3) At least one of them does this cute thing where he follows the branches with his knifey-saw thing before making a cut. He’s either playing “Ipp Dip” or using his extensive knowledge of tree anatomy to make informed decisions about where to cut.


By now, and I don’t think they’re done yet, the tree has lost about 45%* of its body weight. So I don’t think I’m going to get to watch it do Autumn after all!

-x- Happy Autumn! -x-

*I am an English teacher. This is not an accurate percentage.